Donation offensive; support us financially!
Donation offensive; support us financially!

Donation offensive; support us financially!

Hereby we announce this year’s offensive, our donation campaign which runs from 17 of August until 28 October. We have a target of 1500 euros this year. We can make good use of this money to further develop our organisation and to strengthen our intervention in the organisations in which we are active. You can donate through Paypal or directly to our bank account NL18 INGB 0000 1428 68 (recipient: Communistisch Platform).

The Communist Platform aims to develop the workers’ movement and to fight for internationalism, independent organisation of our class, social revolution and radical democracy in the organisations in which we intervene. We set out to bring about a workers’ movement that is able to ensure the takeover of power by and for the working class so as to free humanity from all forms of oppression; a society in which we end all poverty, exploitation and the rule of a small class of owners. 

To be able to realise this goal we need to organise. Because of this, the majority of our members are active members of De Socialisten and/or ROOD, Socialistische Jongeren. In these organisations, as well as in the broader workers’ movement, we fight for communist principles and contribute to the development of these organisations and the workers’ movement as a whole. Our website provides comrades from all corners of the radical left with a space to publish articles, voice their opinion and engage into debate with one another. Further, we organise ideological educationals and endeavour to support various parts of the workers’ movement. For example, last year we offered comrades inside and outside of the Communist Platform funding to print flyers to hand out during solidarity actions for the railway strikes. These activities take time and hard work, but also money to fund hosting and maintenance of our website, to rent spaces for educationals and for the financial support we offer in the context of actions or to other organisations. 

As a communist organisation, we are more than aware that the bourgeois state is not our ally, which means we cannot be dependent on any subsidies. Of course we can also not count on any money from the private sector. To retain this independence, we are financially fully dependent on the contributions of our members and anyone who is willing to donate. 

Currently, one of our priorities is ensuring that de Socialisten, a project that consists of disbarred and/or disappointed Socialist Party members and others that find themselves of the political left to that party, is able to develop into an organisation where large parts of the workers’ movement can unite and strengthen each other. Right now, this organisation is still in its infancy. We are convinced that a communist voice within de Socialisten and the movement as a whole is necessary to build towards a revolutionary alternative to our current society. What is needed is an alternative organisation, one that does not make the same mistakes the Dutch left has been repeating for years, but which instead builds upon a tradition of internationalism, independent organisation, social revolution and radical democracy. 

Do you support our organisation and do you want to contribute to a principled communist voice within the workers’ movement? Then donate to our offensive! 

Celebratory closing event with art, books, and comradery

The end of our offensive will be celebrated on 28 October in de Gaffel (Gaffelstraat 61B, Rotterdam, starting at 16:00), so save that date! During this event, we will organise a book market where comrades can sell their leftist literature or buy that of others. So if your bookcases are overflowing due to your theory addiction, consider selling some of them by filling in the form below. 

Besides selling books we also want comrades to be able to sell art. So if you would like to provide a creative contribution to the event and our offensive, that is very possible! The most special books and art that comrades have to offer will be auctioned off, with the proceedings being split between the person offering it and the offensive. Of course there is also room to have a drink afterwards. Do you have other creative ideas to contribute to our offensive? Then do not hesitate to send an email to

In any case, if you are interested in attending this event, please register using the form below to receive an invitation.

Donation offensive
Art and books