Communistisch Platform

Communistisch Platform

Welcome to the CP website

Who we are

Communist Platform is a marxist organization active within the Dutch workers’ movement to promote a truly socialist programme. We organize activities such as educationals, study groups and discussion events, besides trying to organize debate via the articles we publish.

Our articles

On our website we publish opinions from all corners of the workers’ movement. Individual articles do not necessarily represent our own views, unless we publish them as such. We do so because we consider it important to facilitate discussion about the theory and strategy of the fight for socialism.

Fight alongside us!

If you find our platform appealing, and you want to join us in the fight for marxism in the workers movement, please join us and fight to change the movement’s aims to establishing socialism. Are you interested in contributing without joining immediately? Then please consider submitting an article to share your opinion, or contact us for more information.

Communist Platform

As a marxist organization, we are active in the workers’ movement. Where the working class organizes itself, we organize the fight for marxist politics. We do so by organizing educationals, study groups and this platform for substantive discussion, where comrades from all corners of the movement can publish articles to share their informed opinions and engage in debate with others. This isn’t the only way we’re active in the workers’ movement, and we try to develop and strengthen it in other ways. We act on the basis of our platform. Are you interested in fighting alongside us for more marxism in the workers’ movement? Then join us, submit an article or contact us for further information.