Communistisch Platform
About us

About us

The Communist Platform is an organisation that strives for the revolutionary self-emancipation of the working class as to free itself from the shackles of class society.

We define a communist society on the basis of classical marxism: a society without state, without classes, without money, without poverty and without war. A free association of producers in which we collectively control the economy. A society defined by the people, and not the dictations of capital.

What sets us apart from other left-wing organisations? Contrary to most, we do not see it as our mission to be the next communist party. We are a platform. This means that we fight for a marxist program within the existing workers’ movement. At the moment our primary focus is on the highest political expression of the working class in the Netherlands, the Socialist Party, but we strive to extent out activities to the union, protest movements and other working class organisations to fight for communist politics.

Founding a new political party in the current situation will lead to a sectarian dead-end. The Socialist Party is far from ideal and we openly criticise the party in many ways, but despite its shortcomings we find it is more sensible to win the existing movement for truly socialist politics, than to try to build everything from the ground up once more.

We fight for the forging of a workers’ movement that is wholly independent from the capitalist state. A movement with a multitude of its own political, economical, social and cultural institutions that are actually capable of breaking the power of capital and replacing it in a revolutionary crisis, with a communist party as its political compass.

History has taught us that whenever the workers’ movement does not attempt to build the independent power of the working class, or chooses to give up its independence to the capitalist state, this will lead to a political capitulation and major political setbacks. Therefore, we fight openly against these tendencies in the workers’ movement – an explicitly political fight.

In short, our goal is the fusion of the socialist vision with the workers’ movement to transform the latter into a movement of the revolutionary self-emancipation of the working class. 

Anyone and everyone who agrees with this vision are invited to contact our organisation as to explore the ways in which we can coordinate this struggle internationally.

Finally, we base our political action on a platform which contains the tenets of our organisation, and can be found here.